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the dust just falls everywhere

reflecting rays of sunlight

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been around and then some. married w/two grown kids. i like to complain, sorry.

check out my artwork-- feel free to fondle anything in my gallery and in my favorites: http://kokoronagomu.deviantart.com/

i have a wisper and a precious, this one looks a lot like wisper

my pet!

~never wrote in a journal so i'm attempting to do this. i'm still trying to figure things out and make sense of it all. things are changing, and even if some are improving, the really important things are getting worse. the crazy are getting crazier, at least he started back on his meds, and the stupid one is doing things that will eventually make him a moron, baka!!
~this is an ongoing process, this journal, as i figure out how to work it, the technical stuff and all, i did my first picture editing for this site! truthfully, i know very little about computers and so far it's just been trial and error.
~the user name i picked means 'soothing for the mind' can't say that everyone around me or even my surroundings are doing that for me, but i can only wish.

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